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Devils, Angels, Dating & Me!

By: Dapoon Rai Dewan
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Hi guys,

I'd like to share my story on how Mike changed my life through this film. Bit of a sad story, but bear with me, haha! :D

I had met with this terrible road accidenttwo years back which had me bed ridden for almost a year and a half. It was a bad case of leg crush injury! I lost my job and I was looking for that one opportunity to prove my mettle. Things looked bleak because I physically couldn't go to work anywhere. And nothing really challenging came my way via freelance!

That's when my friend Sathya introduced me to this project. "I get to be a part of a global team, and I get to learn how to work in production!! And all this from home!!" What more could I want! This project came as a boon to me!!

And since then there's been no looking back for me. My work improved and today although I still am notfully recovered(I can manage to walk with my walker), I've got myself a decent job. It's really all thanks to Mike! He built my confidence up!

Thanks once again Mike! It's been lovely working with you. I look forward to more of such opportunities in the future!

All the very best for the future!