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Ragdoll and my available time on the film

By iskander Mellakh, 2010-10-16
Hi all,

I have some good news, I have got a job at Ragdoll as a 3D Generalist. I would like to thank Charles Lin (Chuck) for putting my work forward to them :)

This does not mean I will neglect my duties on the film, only that I will only have time in the weekday evenings to work on the project. I will get time during the day to reply to comments and may be able to solve some issues but the bulk of my time spare will be in the evenings.

I look forward to seeing the film being rendered and the team has done a great job in getting us where we are today !!


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Elephants Dream

By iskander Mellakh, 2010-08-06
Very cool short movie done with open source software (blender, gimp, python)

check it out:
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Away for the Week

By iskander Mellakh, 2010-07-03
Hello everyone, it is all looking really good and I am really exicited to see the first render test - looking really good. I will be away from Monday next week for a week, I will be able to get internet access once or twice during the week but no where near as much as I can normally.

anyway, I hope everyone has a good week :)
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Ning Issues

By iskander Mellakh, 2010-05-13
Has anyone else had issues with the website lately? I can access a few pages then it say its is busy, so I have to refresh it a few times and then sometimes I can get back on it.
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Plans for the weekend

By iskander Mellakh, 2010-02-26
Hi All,

It is my girlfriends 30th birthday this weekend :) and I will be working away from during the day and out in the evenings so I will be unable to help too much. I will be back Tuesday so if there is any problems with the dynamics/rig extras I will be able to fix them then.

Hopefully this wont cause too much of a problem :)

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Bug Reporting

By iskander Mellakh, 2010-01-31
I was thinking, maybe we should use a process to report bugs. maybe something like this:create a thread like this: BUG - scene name/number - asset1:scene name/number you are working on2: what character/asset you are using and version3: what the problem is4: what you did to cause the problem5: what you have tried to overcome the problemwhat does people think? this could help us track issues.
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Happy New Year

By iskander Mellakh, 2010-01-01
Happy New Year everyone, I trust everyone had a good one, I have a bit of a sore head :) 2010 here we come!!!
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