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At what point is the film most at risk?

By: michaelcawood
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A few days ago I was looking at how much work there was to do in visual effects before the completion of the film. I realized that we as a team would have to average one percentage point of effects progress per day until the end of the film. Averaging that over the number of shots that haven't been finalled yet and that's about four shots per day. Since I'm the only one working full time on this that falls largely to me. Pretty scary... but so far I've pulled it off and the updates from Iskander and Anotonio have also contributed.

I've allowed for a couple of days off over Christmas. But ultimately it requires lots of work, every day until the film is complete. This is officially crunch... nothing new to me, but still... self imposed crunch. The slightest thing that holds things up could really screw everything up.

My greatest worry right now is the Earth shots and the sound effects, and with any luck we'll see some updates soon in time for the three festivals I'm submitting the film to on Monday. Worst case scenario I can get my hands dirty myself, but it would be at the detriment of the film so hopefully that won't happen.

It's curious to see this progress chart and how each department progressed over time. I wish I'd tracked sound too. But you can see that the point at which the film is the most over extended, is around August 2010. I.e. That's when the most work had been done in some departments whilst very little had been done in others. I realized that's the imaginary wallpast which any project is most likely to significantly change it's path. That's when it dies, changes it's core values, gets cut or extended, or re-imagined. This is the point at which it's most likely you can lose sight of the themes or core values of the original idea.

Devils is no stranger to change. It's been significantly better managed, planned and conceived than most projects I've worked on in a professional capacity, and yet we still went through some changes, cuts, extensions, and re-imagining. It's just curious to see where most of it occurred. I guess that's the moment in the film you have the most to lose with nothing to show for it. You've been slapped around the most by your peers with feedback, and yet you've not got enough yet to show them you knew what you were doing in the first place. It's when you're the most insecure... and most in need of a quick fix to jump start you towards the finish line.