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Interview with Gill Frank

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To celebrate'Devils, Angels & Dating' reaching 2 Million views on YouTube, we wanted to check in on our talented team members to see where they are and what they've been up to since they worked on the film. This is a conversation with animator, generalist and business owner,Gill Frank.

Tell us about your discovery of 'Devils, Angels & Dating', then what you ended up working on during the project.

Mike and I knew one another from our time in Scotland where we both where animators on a feature film. Mike told me that he had this idea of a small short film with Death, Angels and Love. I thought it was a great idea and said I would like to help when he needed it.

Well, after a year or a bit more, Mike called me up and said that they have started slowly and they could use help with the administration, concepts and animation. As I remember we where around 5 or 6 people in the beginning and the more the project got promoted the more people came along to join the team. I started as a animator on the team but ended up doing the cloud system for the film and a few animated scenes.

What were your thoughts, hopes and concerns about the project at the time, and how do you feel about it now?

My thoughts was that this could be a great film, done differently than other Projects, since it was all out in the open from the beginning compared to other projects where it's usually behind closed doors. I was also in many discussion with Mike over Skype on how to do it the right way or best way to set up the system.

Well, Mike has his unique ways of doing things and in the end he kept the energy going and used the internet to keep the project interesting and exciting. In the end it was great feeling to see it all come together and meeting so many people. It was fun to be apart of the project.

Did Devils change the way you approach your career at all?

I already had a full time job doing games, so I was busy doing that at the time, but it was great to do some high end animation for short films, since doing game animation can be like working in a factory.

Do you know whether anything you did for Devils lead directly to any other opportunities you've had since?

Since Devils and Angels I have been doing all kinds of things from 3D animation to doing series on Ninjago as a 3D Previs artist to 2D animation and now I am doing Comp, Motion Graphics and Rigging in After Effects. Its great to be a animator but to put all the things together you have learned over the years... it's a great privilege to be doing what I do today.

Have you worked on any other short films since Devils?

At moment I am not working on a personal project, well... if you call designing a webpage for myself then... yes, that is a personal project.

Website:http://Leftover.dk(Under construction at time of writing)

Are you working on any personal projects?

In February or March there will be a new Danish band releasing an Album. Me and a friend of mine have been doing 10 animated music videos for the album. So stay tuned... :)

"Looking forward to seeing that, Gill." - Michael Cawood