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Interview with Edgardo Padilla

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To celebrate'Devils, Angels & Dating' reaching 2 Million views on YouTube, we wanted to check in on our talented team members to see where they are and what they've been up to since they worked on the film. This is a conversation with, Animator,Edgardo Padilla.

Tell us about your discovery of 'Devils, Angels & Dating', then what you ended up working on during the project.

I discovered Devils, Angels and Dating when I was browsing around in the 11 Second Club forums. I was a fresh graduate from Animation Mentor and wanted to work on a project that required collaboration rather than just animating on my own.

I ended up working on shots with all the characters. I also animated some of Deaths shadow hands scenes.

What were your thoughts, hopes and concerns about the project at the time, and how do you feel about it now.

Well this is my 1stcollaborative film, I was really hopeful, seeing the characters and how far the project was progressing. One of my concerns was since were all meeting up inthe forums, the feedback would be a bit of a challenge since I was used to face to face feedback with my peers.In the end though it worked out fine, feedback was fast and Micheal would actually make a video if we needed more feedback on our shots.

Did Devils change the way you approach your career at all?

My approach in animation no, not really. But it helped me talk and collaborate with others better. Back at school its usually just you and your teacher.

Do you know whether anything you did for Devils lead directly to any other opportunities you've had since?

Oh yeah, the project helped me a lot, it opened up a lot of opportunities for me and it made my portfolio stronger.


Whathaveyou been up to professionally since your involvement in Devils?

Ive been very busy with different projects after Devils. Some short term some more than a year. Lately though I have worked more in the gaming side of animation. I worked as a gameplay animator for Carbine Studios' Wildstar and currently working on Red5 Studios Free to Play Game Firefall.


I was also able to work with Michael again as a cinematic animator for Skylanders Giants.


Have you worked on any other short films since Devils?

I was able to work on 2 short films: Caldera and The Collectors Gift. Both seemed to have garnered numerous awards.


Are you working on any personal projects?

At the moment no, But I do have an idea in my head for a long time. Maybe someday Ill finally start this project of mine. Ill keep you posted.

Is there anything you'd like to Promote?

Try out Firefall, its a 3rdPerson Shooter MMO thats fastpaced and rely more on skill than gear (Headshots count here). You can choose what class you want to play by selecting your frame, each frame is different from another. Its fun and its totally free, its available on Steam now.