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Interview with Bobb Strongman

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To celebrate'Devils, Angels & Dating' reaching 2 Million views on YouTube, we wanted to check in on our talented team members to see where they are and what they've been up to since they worked on the film. This is a conversation with, Animated Filmmaker,Bobb Strongman.

Tell us about your discovery of 'Devils, Angels & Dating', then what you ended up working on during the project.
I wrote some shaders for the film and worked on some of the tests for the light rays.

Did Devils change the way you approach your career at all?

It helped me move forward with my own animation project. I was looking for a way of creating an online team to produce an animated short and the production process Mike was using on Devils, Angels and Dating seemed to fit. It's been very encouraging to follow the success that the film has had.

Do you know whether anything you did for Devils lead directly to any other opportunities you've had since?

Not directly although I've done a lot more texture work since creating the shaders for Devils.

What have you been up to professionally since your involvement in Devils?

I work as a freelance animator, compositor and VFX artist in London for companies such as Disney Channel, ITV, Cartoon Network and Smoke & Mirrors - a variety of things from children's animations, channel indents and commercials to compositing work on a music video for Iggy Azalea and Rita Ora.

Have you worked on any other short films since Devils?

I've worked on a few shorts and I designed and animated a 15 minute film for The Victoria and Albert Museum. I'm also continuing to work on my own animation project, "The Gondolier's Dog". I'm using a similar production process to that which Mike used on Devils. It's very much two steps forward, one step back but it is progressing. The render tests are very encouraging and the main character has been voiced by a well known British actor.

It takes up most of my spare time. There are still a couple of things to iron out and the scenes that are ready to render are quite heavy - in one case 3 days for a single 10 second render pass. I haven't looked at render farms yet because although it's slow it's manageable by rendering every night.


Is there anything you'd like to promote?

I'm still in need of a facial rigger who can work on Maya 2012. It's for one character and should only take one or two days.

The modelling is pretty much done although I'm always happy to hear from anyone who would like to help out there as well. And animators of course

You can find out more about the film here: