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Trailer Progression Reel

While I wait for some effects to render I thought I'd share with you a progression reel of the various stages the teaser trailer went through. From thumbnails, to storyboards, previs, layout, blocking, animation, lighting rendering, effects and compositing. It shows, on a mini scale, the stages an animated film goes through. In this case the trailer was always part of the plan and shots in the film were prioritized based on whether they were in the trailer. It gave us a smaller, more achievable, goal to aim for through out production, and it pushed all the departments to solve problems ahead of when the same techniques would be put to wider use on rest of the film. Ultimately the trailer took almost as long as the film as it pioneered all the tools and techniques that we ultimately refined for the film. We could have continued to update the trailer indefinitely along with the film, but ultimately we called it done so that the main film could take complete focus and the trailer now sits as an interesting example of how those shots looked before the final versions were completed.Score Composed by Stoyan Ganev